Our Story

Sisterhood Camp started back in 2015 as a 3 day retreat for women to loosely network and learn new creative skills. Since then we have held five retreats, many workshops and suppers for women, attracting worldwide acclaim and guests travelling from far afield as Australia and the US to attend.

In summer 2018, Sisterhood went online, with Sisterhood Camp Community. Bringing the same ethos of ‘community, networking and support’ to a wider audience. A place for women to connect, learn and grow. Sisterhood Camp Community aims to equip women with the skills to take their life & career to the next level, with Sisterly support and a nurturing environment.

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Supporting Women

Sisterhood Camp is an online community.  Written by women, for women.

A place to celebrate women’s creativity, careers, health, lives and passions.

Our quarterly online ‘camps’ are created loosely around the seasons, and have a host of women across the world contributing.

Sharing their personal knowledge & stories through articles, interviews & variety of bespoke eCourses.

Discover how you can join us, below.