Wellness | The Moment Your Skin Starts to Tingle

Jul 18,2018|

So I want to take you back to that moment when your skin started to tingle.  To the moment when all those ‘what if’s’ and fanciful ideas started to build up in your mind.

When an idea feels like it is growing momentum, it can have an intensity that is all consuming and you find yourself making plans, that feel like they might become reality.  It may be a slow burning dream, or it may be a 20 minute flash of inspiration. Either way, your idea will soon get fuelled by adrenaline – that famous ’flight or fight’ stuff.  But, just at the moment when you’re about to take the leap, your subconscious brain goes and gets your conscious brain involved.

Faced with a two way choice, your subconscious steps in, hits the breaks, and strikes the ‘break glass in case of emergency’. The voice in the Volvo ad wins and you take the safe option. Right?

So what if you could teach yourself out of that knee jerk reaction? What if you did some ‘homework’ (that’s what this course is all about) and decided that actually all those fears are just Volvo adverts from the 90’s about safe people being better people and that actually you really REALLY want to book a one way flight to Mumbai. Then all you’d need to do is take a running jump, close your eyes and fucking do it!!

This is the simple and masterful art of ‘Don’t think, Just Jump’ … because there ain’t no subconscious going to stop you when you’ve already hit top speed and the wind is rushing past your ears. The 80’s Power Ballad is blaring in your ears, the Rent-a Crowd is cheering you on. You’re still going to be hardcore shitting-it scared because this is big, but that’s what makes it GREAT and that might just be the turning point of the rest of your wonderful life.

So strap in. Get your big girl pants on. And let’s dig into what exactly it is that you want to do and how exactly we’re going to get you to do it.

Emma Rice is one of Summer Camp class tutors.  To read more about her philosophy on life and more on her eCourse, sign up to become a member for our Autumn Camp.  Register your interest here.

Emma is a nomad. Last year she left her home in the UK and moved her family, 3 children and a dog to start a new life in Marrakesh.

Through her lifetime of research she has written an ecourse called ‘Healthy, Wealthy & Wise’.

A real life guide to getting right on top of your mental game. Or ‘Shaping up for the hustle’ as she likes to call it.

Being right on top of your game is the best place to be. The right decisions come clearer, energy is abundant, sleep is deep and restful. Sounds too good to be true right?

When Emma isn’t renovating her riad she also has a clothing business called  Emma Louise Sophia

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