Jun 1,2018|

Hello and welcome to the very first online Sisterhood Camp!

We are so very excited to bring our ‘in real life’ retreats to the online world.  It has been 6 months of hard work to get this little idea of making Sisterhood accessible to all, off the ground.

Our aim is to equip women with the skills to take their life to the next level with bespoke e-courses in career development, creativity and wellness.  Juicy articles, and a private community forum in which women can connect, offer advice and learn from one another.

Sisterhood Online Camp is  designed to set you on a path of self discovery and equip you with ideas, contacts and inspiration to forge you ahead in your chosen career and lead a fulfilled life.


Our Story

Sisterhood Camp started back in 2015 by lifestyle blogger, Lou Archell.  Lou felt that as a freelancer, working for home had become quite isolating. With no-one to bounce ideas off, or even to talk to, other than her cats.

To counteract that, it was her idea to bring together women in a similar work situation, to offer support and connection. A chance to relax, restore creative juices, feel inspired and learn from one another.

So, in 2015, Lou gathered a small group of women in North Devon, UK for a 3 day retreat.  Our very first Sisterhood Camp.

Since then Sisterhood Camp has held many retreats, workshops and suppers for women, and has attracted worldwide acclaim with guests travelling from far afield as Australia and the USA to attend.

Our retreats have been the catalyst to launching so many new ventures, changes in careers and collaborations between women who have met at one of our events.

But what if time, location and money prevented women from attending?  So with the aim of making our events more inclusive and accessible to women worldwide, we have launched our online community.



Come on in! You should by now be able to login, and view your profile.  Like with any social platform, you can customise it to suit you.  Add your profile image, and a header, your bio and your social media links.

You will be able to follow, like and create groups of people you want to connect with.

Live in Leeds?  Then why not make a group of Sisters that live local to you. Like floristry? Then make a group of fellow flower nuts.  It’s up to you.

(Please note: this is currently in BETA mode, and we hope with all our fingers crossed that we have no hiccups.  If you do experience problems please shout to Dan in the forum or email him on: support@sisterhoodcamp.co.uk).


The forums are OPEN! Come and introduce yourself in the SOCIAL forum (button below). Tell us about you, where you are from, your interests, and what you hope to gain from Summer Camp.

Our contributors and tutors will be popping in and chatting with you too. Have a question for them?  Then send them a DM – and they shall answer.

Any forum problems please message Natasha.



We have SIX eCourses written especially for you!  You will be able to access Lesson 1 or the overview on some of them this evening, with the rest being dripped out over the coming months.

These courses are at a ‘work at your own pace‘ style.  So you don’t feel pressured to keep up with everyone if time and commitments get in the way.

There will be weekly discussions on the forums – with links through from each course page and lesson.  There, you can ask your tutor questions and chat and connect with your fellow sisters.

The course will be live for the 3 months of Summer Camp – and if needed a further 3 months after Summer Camp is over. (for those who wish to catch up at your own pace – please note there will be no tutor or forum available after Summer Camp ends on 31st August).


We hope you enjoy your summer camp – time devoted to YOU! Please spread the word by using the hashtag: #sisterhoodcampcommunity

We would love to see this community grow and grow and reach more and more women worldwide.

A place to support women, offer advice and give everyone the chance to grow in their career and life.

We will have regular Instagram hashtag competitions to win gorgeous products from our partners. Discounted tickets to our events, plus ‘in real life’ meet-ups.

What a summer!

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