Terms & Conditions

Our Service to you

Sisterhood Camp membership will provide 3 months access to eCourses and exclusive articles by a variety of contributors.  Members will build a profile, have access to private Forums and valuable network opportunities.

Prices & Payment

Sisterhood Camp will take a secure one-off payment in return for access to 3 calendar months of Sisterhood Camp access, as stated in the checkout at the time of purchase.  We reserve the right to alter prices for future camps.

Privacy Policy

Sisterhood Camp will not sell or share your data with third parties. As a member of Sisterhood Camp, you agree to allow your profile to be shared with other members of Sisterhood Camp, as you see fit.  We have provided options for you to select who has access to your personal bio and images.  You agree to read the Forum rules before using our forums.

Intellectual Property Rights

All content published on Sisterhoodcamp.co.uk remains the property of Sisterhood Camp Ltd, and cannot be shared, sold or replicated without prior permission.  Please consult the specific Forum rules before using or sharing content from the Forums.  Your own member-produced profile content is your property and can be deleted or saved as you see fit.

Future Changes

From time to time we may be required to make changes to our terms and conditions.  We’ll ensure to you give you 30 days notice before any changes are implemented.

Governing Law

These terms and conditions are written in accordance with English law.

Returns, Refunds & Complaints

All complaints will be recorded and dealt with as swiftly as possible.  Refunds will be considered if both parties agree that services promised by Sisterhood Camp fall short of promises stated in ‘Our Service to You’.

Terms of Use

Sisterhood Camp reserves the right to terminate the membership of users who continually infringe the rules of our forums, share or sell private content, or otherwise cause damage to Sisterhood Camp.  Members will agree to these terms of conditions at the time of purchase.