Meet your tutor - CAMILLA WESTGAARD

Rosie Slosek gives you a safe space and the support you need to sort out the money side of your business. She helps women like you from starting a business, to expenses, demystifying limited companies and learning how to care for your business finances. A bit of a nature addict, Rosie is the woman who says hello to her favourite tree as she walks past and never misses her monthly Red Tent meeting. She runs a free online business finances retreat and loves to include self care and fun in her work as much as she can. You can find Rosie at

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Hello, I’m Rosie.

This is a learn-the-basics course for women like you who are running a self-employed business and are in need of some expert advise on how to do tax return. Where to start and what to do about which records to keep and what to do with them.

Like you, I have a business that is part of the online world and I know how a book on crystals or Sisterhood can be a business expense for some women as much as beautiful stationery is a business expense for everyone.

This course is for simple sole trader businesses to help you keep your own records and do your own tax return. If you have a limited company, ask your accountant for help or contact me via the forum.

This course is for you if you want to do things right and don’t know where to start. It’s for you if you feel anxious about the whole thing and keep putting it off. It’s for you if you know this stuff is important and you want to understand what it means and what you need to do in a way that feels right for you. (Good news, gorgeous stationery is totally tax-deductible!)

This course is for you if you want to build a solid foundation for your business. And it’s for you if you believe taking good care of you is part of taking good care of your business and a part of your path to success and and a life you love.

This is a basics only course.

It’s possible not all of what I write is relevant or applicable to you and your business as each business is different and each woman running her business has different individual circumstances.

So tell me about you.

Let’s start with numbers.

How do you feel about them?

Even if you’ve previously thought numbers and you don’t get on, you actually really do. Your heart beats a number. Your bottle of prosecco has numbers of bubbles. Your laptop works by numbers (it’s called binary) and if you’re on your mobile, how about your phone number?

Numbers are key to the money side of your business too so if you already love them, let’s drink a toast to that, and if you don’t love them yet, let’s drink a toast to feeling a teeny bit more positive every day about them.

Let’s start nice and easy.

before you start

There are 4 weeks to the course. Each week has an intention and a theme and has the same 3 part structure so it feels safe and familiar.

Week 1: Records & Reward
Week 2: Income & Breathe
Week 3: Expenses & Insight
Week 4: Tax Return & Celebration

The course is designed to start at Week 1 and go through to Week 4. It’s totally okay though to do the weeks in a different order if you’re not new to this and just need to dip into what you need at that moment.

There is a Resources section at the end so the downloads and extra information are in one easy place. If you need to get in touch I’ll be in the Career forum to chat about all of this.


Let’s start with an anchor.

An anchor is a self care ritual you’re going to create that you’ll use before you start any money task in your business. It focuses and grounds you and over time will re-wire your body into feeling relaxed and confident about business money tasks.

What’s your anchor going to be?

It can be as simple as lighting a candle, making a cup of tea or putting on a money playlist, or there is a free Minute Meditation in my Self Care For Your Biz Finances Retreat (link in Resources).

Share with us in the group with your anchor is. (I light a beeswax candle in the feng shui money area of my flat and play my money playlist (link in Resources).


Each week will have a Do section.

This is when you get stuck in with the action you need to take. Work through it from beginning to end, make a To Do list or start with what’s easy and do that first.

Don’t forget your anchor. It’s an important easy way of creating long term change.

Take your time (even if it’s late January). BREATHE. (Repeat).


There are lot of resources included in this mini course so you’ll find all the basics in Resources at the end.

(Just a note that some may be still rocking the previous One Man Band Accounting name).



Intention: I love my records which give me the numbers I need so I know what’s happening in my business.

Excerpt: Numbers and stats are the foundation of your business and records are the key to unlock them.

You also need to keep records for your business because it’s the law.

Keeping records is also separate to whether or not something you bought is tax-deductible (that means HMRC allow you to deduct the cost from your business income. It doesn’t mean you get it for free) or your tax return.


Intention: I love all the income I have in my business and I welcome more.

Excerpt: Income has the ability to spark off a lot of emotions.

Whether you’re proud of how well you’ve done or feel disappointed you didn’t do as well as you’d hoped, it’s all income into your business.

It’s a myth you need income into your business before you need to register as self employed, so no shame if you don’t have any income coming in yet. (It’s all about intent: if you are available for clients, you’re trading).


Intention: I love the insight that knowing my expenses brings me.

Excerpt: Costs are money you spend in your business.

They include expenses – the ones everyone talks about – and capital items.

Expenses are costs you have in the day to day running of your business. Things like your domain and web hosting, marketing, travel, working from home, networking events and working from coffee shops.

Capital items are costs for items that will last several years or longer. Things like buying your website theme, laptop, DSLR camera and branding.


Intention: I love being a woman in modern times who is able to take responsibility for her financials.

Excerpt: Now it’s time to put the information you’ve collected into your tax return.

Your tax return is only the part when you put the information you have already collected into HMRC’s online form and click submit.

It’s easy to only focus on this part of the process, but it’s actually only the last stage of ‘taking reasonable care’ (what HMRC requires you to do).

It can also be easy to feel anxiety that you’re not doing enough or doing it properly. That’s super common with the women I work with.

Yes, you need to understand, to learn what you need to know for your individual business and have a system that works for you, but it’s really not difficult and you can do this.