Meditation – eCourse by Gemma of The Quiet Heart

Meet your tutor - Gemma of The Quiet Heart

Gemma is a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner and meditation expert. She runs her practice, The Quiet Heart, in the vibrant and beautiful city of Bristol, UK. 
Through her work, her intention is to help women feel that wellbeing is attainable and practical; that it’s possible to feel a sense of peace, clarity and connection to our bodies in our busy everyday life. 
Discover ways in which Gemma can add wellbeing to your life by her exclusive eCourse below.

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Welcome to Learn to Meditate for the Sisterhood Camp Community!
I am so happy to be able to teach you the basics of how to practice meditation; this is a habit that will absolutely benefit your life in so many ways, and it really is very easy to do.

There are no secret methods or words you have to use, special posture or breath; all you need is you, your body and a space that you can escape to for a short time every day.

Learn to Meditate is a four module course to help you begin and develop your own personal, regular meditation practice. It is a beginners level course, but you are more than welcome to join in, and would probably benefit, if you already meditate or have some experience in meditation. Ideally you will spend a week on each module, and then practice the meditations from the lesson daily, journaling your thoughts as you go along.

Course overview:

So, what is meditation?

Even though meditation has existed for thousands of years, it’s become much more popular since the 1950’s. Ultimately, it is the practice of turning your attention to a single point of focus, using your breath. It is incredibly simple and with a bit of practice, you’ll find you’ll gradually develop the ability to meditate almost anywhere.



Excerpt: An introduction to the breath and how to breathe.
The history of meditation.
Tips for practice and setting up a space for yourself.
Meditations: basic Breath Awareness and Counting meditations.


Excerpt: Awareness of emotions. Why we all benefit from meditating - we’ll look at the science here. Stress, the effects on the body and how learning to meditate will greatly benefit your health. Mediations: Body scan and mantra meditation

Lesson 2

Excerpt: What's the point of meditating and what is presence.
The different styles of meditation.
Calming a noisy mind and observing your thoughts.
Meditations: Contemplation and second Breath Awareness meditation.

Lesson 4

Excerpt: Sensing stillness. How to integrate meditation into your daily life. Tools and resources for you to use. Meditations: Visualisation and Extended Silence.