Living well & shaping up for the hustle – eCourse by Emma Rice

Meet your tutor - Emma Rice

Emma is a nomad. Last year she left her home in the UK and moved her family, 3 children and a dog to start a new life in Marrakesh. 
Through her lifetime of research she has written an eCourse called 

‘Healthy, Wealthy & Wise’ 

A real life guide to getting right on top of your mental game. Or ‘Shaping up for the hustle’ as she likes to call it.
Being right on top of your game is the best place to be. The right decisions come clearer, energy is abundant, sleep is deep and restful. Sounds too good to be true right? 
When Emma isn’t renovating her riad she also has a clothing business called:

 Emma Louise Sophia

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It’s such a pleasure to have you here!

FACT - In reality anything you want to learn is now available on the internet, just a google search away. If, for example, you wanted to lean to sky dive, it would simply be a case of googling ‘sky diving schools’ and finding the closest, mustering up a bit of cash and off you go with your packed lunch, & I suggest you do pack something you don’t mind seeing again at 20,000 feet!
BUT we all know it’s just not that easy. Does this sound familiar?

"I’m not the sort of person that does crazy stuff like sky diving"
"what on earth would people think, me at MY age, jumping out of a plane"
"I need to keep that money in case the boiler breaks"


THESE are the things that are actually stopping you, NOT the simple HOWs and WHEREs. 
Those actual practical difficulties are mere child’s play to overcome compared to the big spaghetti bowl of beliefs and self doubts that are really behind why you don’t book that thing, start that business, follow that dream, and generally step into your brilliantly shining power! 
So, now lets think about how this affects your more subtle aspirations, the desire to start that business you’ve always dreamt about, or to take that once in a life time trip to Polynesia, with your kids. 
If, like most people, you’ve been brought up to believe that ‘safe = good’ then it’s going to be rocking the hell out of your foundations to do something that your subconscious perceives as ‘unsafe’.



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