Meet your tutor - Emma Rice

Emma is a nomad. Last year she left her home in the UK and moved her family, 3 children and a dog to start a new life in Marrakesh.
Through her lifetime of research she has written an eCourse called

‘Shaping up for the hustle’

A real life guide to getting right on top of your mental game. Being right on top of your game is the best place to be. The right decisions come clearer, energy is abundant, sleep is deep and restful. Sounds too good to be true right?
When Emma isn’t renovating her riad she IS motivating others over on her beautiful website:

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Fact – In reality anything you want to learn or know is now available on the internet, just a google search away.

If, for example, you wanted to learn to skydive, it would simply be a case of googling ‘sky diving schools’ and finding the closest.  Muster up a bit of cash and off you’d go with your packed lunch – something you don’t mind seeing again at 20,000 feet, I suggest.

BUT we all know it’s just not that easy. Does any of this sound familiar?  

‘I’m not the sort of person that does crazy stuff, like skydiving… ‘

‘…what on earth would people think, me at MY age, jumping out of a plane!’

‘I need to keep that money in case the boiler breaks…’

THESE are the things that are actually stopping you.  NOT the simple HOWs and WHEREs.
It’s all about The Spaghetti Bowl of Beliefs and Self Doubts inside your head.

The Spaghetti bowl of beliefs and self doubts

Those actual practical difficulties are mere child’s play to overcome compared to the big spaghetti bowl of beliefs and self doubts that are really behind why you don’t book that thing, start that business, follow that dream, and generally step into your brilliant shining power!

So now let’s think about how not skydiving affects your more subtle aspirations. Maybe you have always dreamt about starting a business, or to take a once in a lifetime trip to Polynesia, with your kids.

Chances are, you’ve been brought up to believe that ‘safe = good’.  So, it’s going to be rocking the hell out of your foundations to do something that your subconscious perceives as ’unsafe’.

Now you’ve probably heard the idea that part of your brain is actually trying to do you a favour, it’s trying to stop you getting eaten by a lion, or from eating a brightly coloured psychedelic mushroom.  The second we even get near the edge of our comfort zone, the handbrake comes on, and your brain says ’ NO! STOP. BAD.’

And then when we close the tab with the ‘round the world flight prices’ and go back to watching Game of Thrones, and your subconscious heaves a huge sigh of relief, pats itself on the back for keeping you safe, and waits for the next time you try to break out of planet Normal.

You, meanwhile have a strange feeling that the slight tingle of adrenaline you had in that second of ‘what if’ could have been the first line in a massively exciting chapter of your life, but you also ‘know’ (because your scaredy-cat subconscious screamed it at you) that by not doing it, you are a good, safe, bullet dodging person.


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Shaping up for the hustle

Excerpt: Something I have learned from the totally amazing Mel Robbins is that there is no point waiting till you feel motivated to do stuff that will make you ‘Shape Up’. If you wait till you ‘feel like it’ It will pretty much never happen, that kind of motivation is a myth, you will always have some excuse why you can’t start today, or even tomorrow if it’s already after lunch and tomorrow feels like it might just sneak up on you pretty quick. I mean, no one suddenly jumps up from the cosy sofa, accidentally hurling the bowl of pringles and the cat across the room and says ‘I’m going to go bust me some push ups’  Getting started on a whole new path is a big ass deal, and it’s going to take more than the sight of Karl Drogo in a thong to get you in your trainers.



High intensity interval training

Excerpt: In order to be in the right mindset to make these momentous and magnificent decisions about booking round the world flights and the like, you have to be two things. Totally pumped, and have the courage of your convictions.

These two are really related, because 1 ) when your living your best life you feel like you can do anything, and 2 ) when your in tip top ( ok lets say good, no one needs to be Arnie. ) mental and physical condition you’re so much more likely to have all those intuitive moments where you know exactly what it is you need to focus all your attention and power on.


Wheat free week

Excerpt: The Japanese have got this whole wheat free thing down, in fact they always have. Wheat only became a part of the Japanese diet after the war when the Americans gave the Japanese sacks of Wheat to stop them actually starving. They invented the Okonomiyaki, a Japanese take on the pizza. Till then it just wasn’t part of the diet. So the Bento box is a packed lunch based around rice, that super glorious grain that seems to have magical abilities to regulate our appetite, by filling you up without making you feel gross and bloated.


Qi Gong

Excerpt: This wonderful little exercise can be squeezed into even the tightest schedule, I also find Qi gong is an easier way to introduce relaxation into my day than strait up meditation, as the movements bring my ever busy mind into a state of calm and tranquillity without using even ‘trying’ It just happens automatically though the ‘doing’.

 It is nice to have a ritual of what you wear, and where you practice. Loose cloths, perhaps just stay in your PJ’s, and a place in nature like you garden are the best.