WELCOME! To summer camp!

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  • Anita Farkas

    Hello @trudigillespie! So nice to see you here, we’ve been following each other in IG for quite a while and I think of you often. I love your knittings. Anita x

    Kathryn Lewis

    Hi Lou, thanks!

    Yes, I decided I needed to make a move and experience living somewhere else. It was between Bristol and Sweden – I figured I’ll work up to moving abroad 😉

    We landed in Kingsdown (as my aunt has a flat here) so we’re using it as a base to explore from and work out where I want to live. I admit I haven’t gone south of the river yet but keep hearing good things about Southville and Bedminster!

    Life feels better already though 🙂


    Welcome Trudi, @trudigillespie

    nice to meet you, your ig looks wonderful just looked you up. I’m glad you’re here and I’m looking forward to chat in the future. Take care of yourself, I’m sorry to hear about your diagnosis but you sound like a fighter!

    Your idea to fund raise for Maggie’s centres with your knitting, sounds inspiring. If you need any help at all, give me a shout. LoveKnitting is a client of mine, so I might be able to get some great conditions on materials. Or  if you have something else in mind, e.g. selling your patterns, I’d love to help 🙂

    Anonymous @

    Gosh Trudi, @trudigillespie, your IG account is so beautiful and inspiring.  I’m so sorry to hear of your diagnosis, it’s wonderful that you have such determination to create something good out of such a painful place.  Maggie’s Centres is a great cause and a brilliant goal to have.

    Rebecca x

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    Rebecca Allen

    Hi Natasha  – I have similar hates too! Especially wet summers and celery! And I love the sea too – I grew up on the East Yorkshire coast just a few minutes bike ride to the beach and I miss it now i’m so far away. I’m pretty much always craving the sea.

    Lou Archell

    Welcome Trudi, gosh you are an inspiration.  Thank you for joining us, especially through this time.  We hope that our community will bring you lightness and joy.

    Lou xx

    Anna Maria Boland

    I buy too many cook books, love fountain pens, salty butter and thunderstorms.

    That’s me. Just I buy too many books in general too. 🙂

    Anna Maria Boland

    Hi there,

    I’m very late with my introduction, but first I was on holiday and then, when back home, life decided to test me even more. It’s a long story and I will not bore you with it, but my life feels like a mess right now.

    I’m Anna and I live in the Netherlands. I’m Polish born and moved here 13 years ago to be with my Dutch love of my life. I’m a library branch manager, but I want to change that I work for myself. I want that for a long time now, but there was always that fear in me that I’m not going to make it. I’m a writer, a storyteller, creative soul. At the moment I’m following training to become a coach, my dream is to work with creatives.

    I’m on Instagram at @annamboland. I have a blog too, but it’s in Polish and Dutch.

    It’s good to be here and work on my dream.

    Natasha Jackson

    Welcome @annamboland 👋🏽

    Never too late to say hello! – Summer Solstice gives us the perfect excuse to embrace fresh starts and change, so welcome it’s great to have you here.

    Looking forward to chatting more x



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    Claire Plumridge

    Hi everyone

    I’m late with my introduction too, although I have been looking through the rest of the content on the site – some really great stuff on here, and it’s been interesting reading all your introductions.

    I am a very nearly 60 year old with 2 thirty something girls, a 60+ husband and a getting on a bit Great Dane, and live in a village called Chieveley in Berkshire. I have worked in the computer industry for a long long time – if I said that we booted our computers with paper tape and had our programs put on to punched cards and then fed in to the computer that may give you some idea as to how long I have been working with them:)

    I have had many jobs related around computers including programmer, desk top publisher, adult educator, website/graphic designer and then embraced digital photography with open arms which is what I have been doing for the last 15+ years. I started photography thinking I would run a portrait business and I did for a while, specialising on what is known as portrait couture, so women would come for a makeover and I would then photograph them. It was rewarding and always lovely to see how women would blossom during the shoot as they became more confident during the session. However I realised it wasn’t for me and all I actually wanted to do was photograph things in my own time and in my own way so I have been doing stock photography for the last 5 or so years and I have the luxury of being able to do what I want when I want. I submit images to several online agencies, it certainly doesn’t make a huge amount of money but I enjoy doing it.

    I have an Etsy, Creative Market and The Hungry Jpeg online shops too. Search for PlumsPixellove on these and I should come up.

    I have an Instagram a/c too @plumspixellove which I struggle with, never quite sure sure how to get the balance of stock photography I sell with just other images I take on a regular basis and I find it difficult to create a cohesive gallery so ultimately I have long periods when I don’t submit anything, I am going through one of those at the moment😊

    Well I have waffled on for far too long, and my morning cup of tea is calling me.

    Looking forward to reading more great content on the site and going through everyone’s Instagram galleries.

    Natasha Jackson

    Welcome @plumspixellove 👋🏽

    I loved reading your intro! Sounds like you have lots of experience to share with the group. I am looking forward to hearing more about your business over the summer. I am off to have a look at your Instagram page 👀  x

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