WELCOME! To summer camp!

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  • Dan Taylor

    Hi everyone.

    Its wonderful to read all your introductions.  You all sound exactly like the people we wanted to work with.

    Please accept my apologies, but we’re still trying to bring the user profiles online.  There’s a topic in the Career forum, titled ‘Prosecco Time’ which has a bit more information.



    Hi sisters, & hi Dan 🙂

    lovely to meet you all. Such a diverse bunch of people introduced themselves already, I enjoyed reading about you all.

    I live in small seaside town in North-West Ireland with my family (hubby & three kids) plus two dogs & and a red cat. My heart is that of a creator and I’ve been working as a fashion designer for 15 years. I enjoy working from my home studio but also tutor craft workshops.

    Other things I like & do: I am an outdoor lover, I enjoy beach walks, horse-riding and hiking. But you can also find me in the kitchen cooking & baking all day. I greatly enjoy reading fantasy novels and old craft books. I’m passionate about the sea and volunteer for seal rescue Ireland. My favourite food is a Mediterranean salad and mangoes, but I also live on a good espresso and cake!

    This community is something I always hoped for. I am looking forward to get to know you & have a good time together along this sisterhood journey!

    Chat soon, Nina

    Natasha Jackson

    Hi @ClareLocker 👋🏽

    “Creative dreamer at all other times.” You’ve totally nailed that feeling I think we all can relate to.

    I am looking forward to supporting your business as it grows. xx

    Natasha Jackson

    Hi @anitafarkas 👋🏽

    Oh my, your Instagram account is beautiful.

    Today: I am going to try and live your words “I believe that with hard work and passion we can surprise ourselves beyond our wildest dreams.” 🙌🏼

    Look forward to chatting more. xx

    Anita Farkas

    Dear @natashajackson

    Thank you for your heartwarming message this morning.

    Have a good day.

    Anita x


    Lou Archell

    Hello Rebecca and welcome!

    So lovely to have you here.  Yes I agree, I can’t get on with facebook. This is why we’ve set up this forum so we can all share away with women that ‘get us’.  Without the annoying adverts, fake news and people from school seeing us! 🙂

    Do you have a Folksy shop?  We have the content editor of Folksy running an ecourse this summer. She is also going to be here to help with any shop or selling online related questions too.

    Thanks for joining us.

    Lou x

    Jane Lindsey

    It is so great to be here, I’m really looking forward to meeting everyone – already I spy some familiar faces.

    My name is Jane and I am the founder of and designer at Snapdragon Online.

    Over the past year I have been completely changing my business – from a high turnover, online gift shop, selling mainly through market place websites, to a more holistic and personally rewarding business based around my life in rural Scotland.  I am now concentrating on community, true connection with customers through a membership scheme, and on creating products that are either related to the seasons or encourage activities, especially creativity and growing things.

    I still have a massive way to go but I am certainly enjoying the journey.  My website is http://www.snapdragononline.co.uk and my instagram is @snapdragonstudiouk


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    Emma Lavelle

    Hello everyone!

    I’m Emma; I’m a writer, photographer, blogger & creative manager for an interiors brand. I’m also one of the Sisterhood contributors & you can read my articles over on the blog. I like to write about slow living & living a simple, considered life with elements of travel, interiors, style & general lifestyle.

    I used to live in Manchester but I’ve very recently moved over to Todmorden in West Yorkshire. We’ve been renovating our house for the past three months & finally move in next week! So far, life in the countryside really seems to suit me. I love having the hills & the woods on my doorstep and being surrounded by nature.

    Other things I enjoy: getting lost in a good book, long walks with my dog, pottering around in the garden, sitting around a fire and wild swimming.

    Looking forward to getting to know you all over the summer!




    Natasha Jackson

    Hello @nina

    It sounds like you enjoying a very creative (& busy!) life. Looking forward to hearing more over the coming months. xx

    Emma Kidd

    Lovely to meet you all. My name is Emma and I am a marketing manager working in the education sector.

    I live in rural Lancashire with my husband, 19 month old daughter, dog, two hens and five sheep. I love all things outdoors and when I’m not at work you will find me walking. I have just taken up yoga which I am finding good for the soul.

    I am a first time mum and returned to nearly full time work seven months ago. It’s been more challenging than I thought it would be and find myself under a lot of pressure in almost every aspect of my life. So, I find myself at a crossroads where I’m not enjoying my job, want to do something different, but not sure what yet. I’m hoping that joining the sisterhood will help me to make some decisions on what path I decide to take. One that is true to me.

    My husband has built a beautiful shepherd’s hut which we hope to start renting out as a bit of a side line in the near future so wondering if I can turn that into something more.

    Looking forward to starting the journey xx

    Kathryn Lewis

    @emmak I completely feel you on not quite knowing which direction to turn in following a major life change.

    I’m Kathryn, I’ve just moved to Bristol and my background is in design and design management for cultural institutions. I’ve always had in-house roles but now I have the space and time to build something for myself and carve out a different life. I have ideas about what I want to do, I have some contacts – but nothing feels tangible or solid enough yet. This is what I’d like to explore within this community.

    Looking forward to getting started.

    Natasha Jackson

    Hello @JaneLindsey 👋🏽

    I’m really looking forward to hearing more about your business and it’s new direction (which sounds wonderful). Off to check out your Instagram now 👀 xx


    Kathryn Lewis

    @emma-lavelle Ah, I’m a fan of your blog and Instagram, Emma – lovely to see you here. Your house is looking amazing!

    Anonymous @

    Thanks @lou, I’m not sure if I’m being a bit of numpty as I can’t seem to work out if there is a way to reply directly to a comment, or do I just tag the person I’m replying to?

    I don’t have a Folksy shop but have been looking at Camilla’s content and it’s really good.  I already sell via a number of online market places, including NotOnTheHighstreet and Etsy and to be quite honest, I’ve been working really hard this year to stop being reliant on 3rd parties.  Up until now so much of my business comes via these sites and I’ve realised how vulnerable this makes me.  I’m slowly learning about marketing and building traffic to my own website and this has also made me realise that I want to start taking my business in slightly different direction over the next few years.

    I’m hoping to slowly become a little less product focussed or certainly not so personalised product focussed.  My business can feel rather sweat shop like at times and I want to regain some control and perhaps produce less (whilst keeping the same income somehow…), I’m also secretly hoping to find a way to do more with my photography and writing in the future.

    Natasha Jackson

    Hi @emmak

    Totally relate to that feeling of being at a crossroads. I went to Sisterhood Camp when my son was about 18 months old and I found the conversations, creativity and focus away from work/life/parenting helped me enormously.  Looking forward to chatting more. xx

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