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  • Lou Archell

    Hey everyone!  How are you all doing.  I’ve just written a blog post all about upping your instagram game. And how with a few tricks you can curate a beautiful feed which will convey your brand message.

    It’s here:  https://sisterhoodcamp.co.uk/old/creativity-upping-your-instagram-game/

    If you have any questions on it, or need any help – just give me a shout.

    If you’d also like me to give your insta account a look and I give you some advise.. let me know.

    Lou x


    Anonymous @

    Hi Lou,

    I really enjoyed your blog post. It was very clear and to the point and I think it’s a great reminder to focus on the basics, when there is just soooo much advice and info about the Insta game floating around!

    I’ve been a bit rubbish on Instagram recently, I think a lot of my engaged followers are Manchester mums, local to me and I used to post a lot of just lifestyle/mummy/pretty stuff. More recently I’m trying to transition more to a craft and fibre arts based account, as that’s what I’m hoping to start my business in, but I still enjoy posting pretty pics of my life/family/travel etc..

    I’m in a muddle I think!

    Your post has made me realise I need to sit down and make a plan!

    C x

    Natasha Jackson

    Great article @lou

    I totally relate @clarelocker! I am in that half personal, half wanting to move it to include my professional interests. And, the result is I have stopped posting daily. Still, I love chatting and ‘lurking’ on Instagram daily. 👀 Time to get a coffee and notepad out!

    Anonymous @

    Yep @natashajackson I haven’t posted in a while. I often update on stories but I’m definitely struggling with my main feed at the moment!

    Emma Lavelle

    Loved reading this Lou – I always enjoy Instagram related content.

    Emma xx

    Kayte Ferris

    I don’t think it’s as necessary as it once was to be posting everyday. With Stories people can not post on their main grid for weeks and still feel very present, and grid posts have a slightly longer life span now that hashtags and the feed show older posts. As long as your lurking is fairly pro-active (i.e. commenting and chatting rather than just sitting watching Stories like I do!) I say it’s totally fine to post less 🙂

    Natasha Jackson

    That’s great to hear @kayte-ferris

    I consider myself a pro-active lurker 🙈

    Big congratulations on your recent awards win – such a great achievement 🏆

    I’m looking forward to your starting your course.

    Clementine May

    Hi Lou,

    I really loved your blog post! It was so helpful, I have just downloaded Snapseed and am excited to try it out. Ren’s feed is so beautiful! I love curating and planning my gallery (any excuse to faff!) But I think I need a bit more practice at stories… I like using unfold but I really struggle with being in front of the camera! I think it will take me a while before I get the guts to do something like that… it’s definitely something I need to work at!

    Clemmie Xx

    Anonymous @

    Thanks for the reply Kayte. Yeah I’m definitely commenting and chatting, I actually love the connection in DM’s that I get from stories and replying to other peoples stories. Have posted to my main grid again this week, so going to try and do that at least once or twice a week while I’m busy at work and just keep storying. IGTV, now that’s another issue altogether!

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