Meet your tutor - Kayte Ferris

Kayte is a creative business coach/marketing mentor and award winning blogger living in the Snowdonia National Park in North Wales.
After working in marketing for four years, Kayte left the corporate world in 2017 to start doing more purposeful work with her marketing knowledge. She now helps amazing creative people find their own marketing clarity and direction, working together to create strategies and grow with soul.

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Excerpt: When we become a member of the online/Instagram world, the phrase ‘your people’ gets bandied around a lot. Phrases like: create content for ‘your people’, write sales pages for ‘your people’, only care about the needs of ‘your people’.
But who are your people? And how do you find them?

Lesson 2


Excerpt: Very often when we’re thinking about our marketing we are very focused on our own little corner of the internet, and it’s easy to forget that we are part of a whole informational ecosystem with our customers. We wait for our people to find us, rather than getting up and out of our own channels and getting in front of them.



Excerpt: By this point we know who our tribe are, and where we can find them. The next step is all about speaking their language and making a great first impression. Across all our online and offline communications we need to be demonstrating to our audiences that we are perfect for them – and in order to build and maintain a community we need to be doing this consistently.

Lesson 4


Excerpt: Over the past weeks you’ve mastered all the theory. You have your field guide for identifying your audience, you know where to find them, and you know how to inspire and talk to them – but taking this knowledge and applying it in the wild can feel daunting. Knowing how to plan your strategy and content, recognising your tribe when you’re confronted with them and understanding the journey in a practical way are all the ‘how to’ things we get stuck on.