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Lesson 1


The phrase ‘your people’ gets bandied around a lot.

Phrases like: create content for ‘your people’, write sales pages for ‘your people’, only care about the needs of ‘your people’.

This fundamental step will make a huge difference to the way you market you content.

But who are your people? And how do you find them?


Lesson 2


Marketers often only focus on their own little corner of the internet.

It’s easy to forget that our customers might be using a different medium.

Don’t wait for your people to find you.  Get up in front of them.

Taking to your customer’s stage.


Lesson 3


The next step is all about speaking your customer’s language.  Across all our online and offline communications we need to be demonstrating to our audiences that we are perfect for them.

Consistency is key.


Reflect your customer in your story.

Lesson 4


The most important thing you will have learned on this course is customer focus; that is creating products, services, content with your audience at the heart of it. As long as you have that, it doesn’t really matter how slick your Instagram is or whether your podcast has the perfect jingle just as long as you’re focused on providing value to your people. Planning is just the way to make the most of this by encouraging consistency and offering opportunities for automation.

Camilla Westergaard - Folksy.com



Lesson 1


Is there a secret to building a successful creative business?

Scroll through Instagram and it feels like there are some creatives who have just got it down. Their feed is full of parcels ready to be shipped, their workshops sell out in seconds and their customers crave updates.

But how did they get there?

We’ll look at the foundations you need to make a success.


Lesson 2


We’re going to zoom in from the Big Picture and delve into the details.

Firstly we’re going to look at SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and how to reach customers through Google and other search engines.

It’s much more interesting than it sounds, honestly, so prepare to shed your invisibility cloak and learn the magic of being found on Google.


Lesson 3


Knowing how to price what you do or make can be confusing. When I have conversations with makers, pricing comes up again and again. How much should you charge? What’s the best pricing method? How do you cost for your time? What if it’s too expensive and nobody wants to buy it? If only there was a magic formula.

Lesson 4


We’ve already started to decode the mystery of search engines, but there are more ways to get your products in front of people than just Google. It’s also healthy not to have all your eggs in one basket, as algorithms can change and other businesses may target your keywords, meaning you can suddenly find yourself relegated from top-spot to page 10 or buried underneath a flood of adverts.

Gemma David - The Quiet Heart


Lesson 1

Exploring the breath

An introduction to the breath and how to breathe.

The history of meditation.

Tips for practice and setting up a space for yourself.

Meditations: Basic Breath Awareness and Counting meditations.

Lesson 2


What’s the point of meditating and what is presence.

The different styles of meditation.

Calming a noisy mind and observing your thoughts.

Meditations: Contemplation and second Breath Awareness meditation.

Lesson 3

Being in your Body

Awareness of emotions.

Why we all benefit from meditating – we’ll look at the science here Stress, the effects on the body and how learning to meditate will greatly benefit your health.

Meditations: Body scan and mantra meditation.

Lesson 4

Connecting with Stillness

How to integrate meditation into your daily life.   Tools and resources for you to use.

Meditations: Visualisation and Extended Silence.

Rosie Slosek - The Money Haven

Self assessment tax return demystified


Lesson 1

Records & Rewards

Intention: I love my records which give me the numbers I need so I know what’s happening in my business.

Numbers and stats are the foundation of your business and records are the key to unlock them.

You also need to keep records for your business because it’s the law.

What is tax deductible from your business income.

Lesson 2


Intention: I love all the income I have in my business and I welcome more.

Income has the ability to spark off a lot of emotions.

Whether you’re proud of how well you’ve done or feel disappointed you didn’t do as well as you’d hoped, it’s all income into your business.

Register as self employed, there’s no shame if you don’t have any income coming in yet. (It’s all about INTENT: if you are available for clients, you’re trading).

Lesson 3

expenses & insight

Intention: I love the insight that knowing my expenses brings me.

Costs are money you spend in your business.

They include expenses – the ones everyone talks about – and capital items.

Expenses are costs you have in the day to day running of your business. Things like your domain and web hosting, marketing, travel, working from home, networking events and working from coffee shops.

Capital items are costs for items that will last several years or longer. Things like buying your website theme, laptop, DSLR camera and branding.

Lesson 4

tax return & celebration

Intention: I love being a woman in modern times who is able to take responsibility for her financials.

Now it’s time to put the information you’ve collected into your tax return.

Your tax return is only the part when you put the information you have already collected into HMRC’s online form and click submit.

It’s easy to only focus on this part of the process, but it’s actually only the last stage of ‘taking reasonable care’ (what HMRC requires you to do).

It can also be easy to feel anxiety that you’re not doing enough or doing it properly. That’s super common with the women I work with.

It’s really not difficult, and you can do this.

Emma Rice

Living well and shaping up for the hustle


Lesson 1

Shaping up for the Hustle

Something I have learned from the totally amazing Mel Robbins is that there is no point waiting till you feel motivated to do stuff that will make you ‘Shape Up’. If you wait till you ‘feel like it’ It will pretty much never happen, that kind of motivation is a myth, you will always have some excuse why you can’t start today, or even tomorrow if it’s already after lunch and tomorrow feels like it might just sneak up on you pretty quick. I mean, no one suddenly jumps up from the cosy sofa, accidentally hurling the bowl of Pringles and the cat across the room and says ‘I’m going to go bust me some push ups’  Getting started on a whole new path is a big ass deal, and it’s going to take more than the sight of Karl Drogo in a thong to get you in your trainers.

Lesson 2

High intensity interval training

In Lesson 2, Emma crushes the boys at the Beep Test, then throws it all away thanks to Malborough Lights.  But that was years ago, and now she’s back in form and shares her insights on how she managed, and why you will too.

Lesson 3

Wheat free week

The Japanese have got this whole wheat free thing down, in fact they always have. Wheat only became a part of the Japanese diet after the war when the Americans gave the Japanese sacks of Wheat to stop them actually starving. They invented the okonomiyaki, a Japanese take on the pizza. Till then it just wasn’t part of the diet. So the bento box is a packed lunch based around rice, that super glorious grain that seems to have magical abilities to regulate our appetite, by filling you up without making you feel gross and bloated.

Lesson 4

Qi Gong

This wonderful little exercise can be squeezed into even the tightest schedule, I also find Qi gong is an easier way to introduce relaxation into my day than strait up meditation, as the movements bring my ever busy mind into a state of calm and tranquillity without using even ‘trying’ It just happens automatically though the ‘doing’.

It is nice to have a ritual of what you wear, and where you practice. Loose clothes, perhaps just stay in your PJ’s, and a place in nature like you garden are the best.