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Three months of bespoke ecourses, indepth articles and a vibrant community forum.
Connect with Sisters worldwide, learn from our class tutors, grow your business and live a more grounded life.
AUTUNMN Camp goes live on 1st September 2018.
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Discover our online camp filled with e-courses, articles and
a vibrant community forum.
Our online community will continue to share the Sisterhood message of
‘community, wellness, creativity & support’
to a worldwide audience.

HAVE YOU Ever wanted to join us at one of our retreats or gatherings?

BUT commitments, family, money or location HAS prevented you from joining us?

Do you crave an online community free from competition?

Do you need help in finding your tribe in a world of online noise?

Do you have a desire to learn new skills and to express yourself creatively?

Does your career need a push to take it to the next level?
If you have answered yes to any of these, then……



An Autumn Camp devoted to you:

  • Interviews, photo shoots and more from women who have followed their hearts and built the life of their dreams.
  • In-depth knowledge from our expert tutors on how to develop your ‘side hustle’.
  • Let go of that comparison trap and step into your rightful career / life.
    Autumn will see you exploring your creativity – styling with flowers, master your photography, how to brand your online business and more – with step by step guides and e-courses from our contributors.
  • Eating seasonal produce through recipes from top food writers and chefs.
  • Learn about how to look after yourself with guides on meditation, yoga.
  • Discover parts of the world by seeing neighbourhoods through the eyes of our contributors.

Sisterhood AUTUMN Camp wILL OPEN ON


Enrolment is for THREE months:

September, October and November.

A private community space that only our members can access.

At the end of November, the Camp will close.

Enrolment will open again for Winter Camp, starting in December.



  • A safe place to connect, learn & grow.
  • Meet women in our forum, learn from others, seek advice, make friends and sound out ideas.
  • Get the skills to take your life to the next level, and push forward to becoming the best version of you.
  • 3 months of seasonal juicy articles on career development, creativity and wellness. (all brand new content).
  • PLUS – discounts and priority booking for our retreats & events.
  • Bespoke 4 module e-courses just for you! Jam-packed with exclusive lessons and inspiration, to help you on your path of self discovery.
  • Our class tutors will be on hand to offer professional advice and answer any questions in a Q&A in our forum.
  • Each course will have worksheets, resources and printables for you to keep.
  • 3 month access to all the course materials, so you can dip in and out whenever the time suits you.