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Wellness | Home tea blends

For many years, tea has formed a key part of daily rituals and tonics for general wellbeing. But have you ever considered making your own? Briar Winters, creator of NYC-based analogue beauty brand and botanical apothecary, Marble & Milkweed, does just that. She picks, brews and drinks her own blended teas, as well as selling seasonal, dried blends through her store.


Wellness | Think natural beauty

I didn’t use to pay any attention to the beauty products that I used. I gravitated towards pretty bottles and relied on influencer’s recommending the latest ‘must-have’ product that would transform my hair/skin/life. Over the past couple of years, I’ve started paying more attention to what I’m putting on my body. I want to know what the ingredients are, if there’s anything potentially harmful in it, and that the product definitely hasn’t been tested on animals. I’ve got a long way to go on my ethical journey, but I thought I’d share what I’ve learnt so far.

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Wellness | The Moment Your Skin Starts to Tingle

So I want to take you back to that moment when your skin started to tingle.  To the moment when all those ‘what if’s’ and fanciful ideas started to build up in your mind.

When an idea feels like it is growing momentum, it can have an intensity that is all consuming and you find yourself making plans, that feel like they might become reality.  It may be a slow burning dream, or it may be a 20 minute flash of inspiration. Either way, your idea will soon get fuelled by adrenaline – that famous ’flight or fight’ stuff.


Wellness | Living with the seasons

Having a connection with nature is good for us. There are now plenty of studies that prove that exposure to the outdoors helps improve mental health, lower blood pressure, improve concentration and decrease fatigue. Perhaps more importantly, spending time outside directly correlates with life satisfaction and happiness.

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Interview | Clem Balfour of the Yoga Brunch Club

I am really fortunate to work with so many wonderful cooks and chefs. I first started the Yoga Brunch Club over four years ago now and have been lucky to have some incredible collaborations, such as Liberty London, The Guardian,Wilderness Festival and The Soil Association.
I run the events once a month in London and Bristol and have recently started introducing Yoga Supper Club’s this summer. My next collaboration is with Dela in Easton on Sunday 15th July which will be a Yoga Supper Club, with seasonal cocktails and a three-course dinner.
I am going to be at Wilderness Festival this summer with a few others in the pipeline too.. – Clem Balfour


Wellness | 10 tips for a mindful home

As part of my slow living journey, I’ve been thinking of ways to make my new home more mindful. We’ve already made a huge lifestyle change by uprooting our life in the city and moving out to the countryside, but any home can be mindful, regardless of its location, style or size. Some decisions I have made for our new home have been pretty drastic – knocking down a wall to allow natural light to flood into our kitchen – but others have been as simple and replicable as removing unnecessary clutter.


Why we bring the outside in

Bringing plants and flowers into your home seems to be a bit of a trend at the moment. Interior magazines and blogs are awash with tips for caring for your house plants, flower delivery services are quite literally flourishing and it’s suddenly become cool to visit your local garden centre. But for those of us that love bringing the outside into our homes, this is more than a trend. This is a way of life, and we’ll continue to welcome greenery into our lives even when the trend has ebbed.


The saltwater breakfast club

A last exchange of looks between us, a flash of nervous grins, and then we run in.   For a moment, nobody says anything except for a few involuntary whoops and gasps. But then the calmness comes over us, and we take a few long strokes out to where we can swim beyond the breaking waves.  We turn around to look back along the coastline and marvel at how different the landscape looks from here; like Alice through the looking glass.

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A seasonal approach to working

As much as we might try to deny it, we are part of nature. Just like the trees and the flowers, seasonal shifts affect us and we thrive if we live in tandem with these. This year I’m committing to taking living seasonally more seriously and starting to mindfully shape my work and life around the seasons. To help me do this I’m looking to the ancient practice of Ayurveda.