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Recipe | Claire Thomson’s Asparagus, Egg, Dill & Caper Toasts

Asparagus is one of the most sought after seasonal crops.  There is nothing like local asparagus, freshly cut and cooked simply.  The true taste of Spring.

Sisterhood cook, Claire Thomson, has bought out the delicious delicate flavours of this wonderful vegetable with her Asparagus, egg, dill and caper toast recipe.  Perfect as a starter for a spring feast or simply a lunch for one to sit in the garden and marvel at your blooms.

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Interview | Worm London

Dried flowers are making a comeback which is wonderful because first of all it means that we are recycling flowers more and adding to the sustainability of the industry but also because it becomes inexpensive for people to make projects themselves with flowers that they have dried out. It also means no water or floral foam which is also making your carbon footprint a considered one. We also love the foraged section. We are really into foraging, we love seasonality and what the local environment has to offer. We like that you can have a little walk along a canal or in the countryside and pick up a few things that nature has scattered and make something at the end of the day that will remind you of that time in nature.

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Interview | Maria Bell Photography

My work is probably best summed up as telling stories of people, place and plate; whether that’s a maker in their studio, a producer in the field or a night’s feasting. At the moment I’m living in Brixton, where I’ve been on and off for about five years and spend most of my time in Brockwell park, which I absolutely love but really I still like to tell myself that I live on the Isle of Wight (where I grew up). I try to split my time between the two as I go a bit mad if I’m without the countryside for too long and my family still lives down there so it’s lovely to go back regularly. 

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Interview | Rebecca Proctor, Modern Craft Works

I make wheel-thrown pottery from my small workshop in North Cornwall. I often work for restaurants, and am lucky to have made tableware for some amazing chefs, but mostly I just love making pots for anyone who enjoys them.  I also have two young kids (Wren 6 & Fred 5) and my husband Andrew is an illustrator/wood turner. We both work from separate sheds in our garden, and work and life is happily very blurred.