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Career | Erin Benzakein of Floret Flower

Considered to be the country’s most influential farmer-florist, Floret founder Erin Benzakein has shaped floral design trends, redefined micro-farming and inspired thousands to grow, buy and design seasonal flowers.

Erin’s immensely popular blog, book, workshops, social media channels and speciality seed line have amassed fans from around the globe. Thousands of aspiring or established flower farmers and designers look to Erin to learn Floret’s secrets to growing gorgeous flowers on a small scale. Floret’s loyal fan base eagerly snaps up Erin’s recommendations and anxiously await the farm’s annual sale of speciality seeds and bulbs, uncommon dahlias, workshops and other garden supplies.

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Interview | Kate Cronk,

Kate Cronk is an illustrator and calligrapher based in Forest Hill, southeast London. After collecting stationery for a number of years, she founded her own studio Peggy & Kate in the summer of 2014, combining her love of colour, painting and nature.

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Interview | Nell Gifford of Giffords Circus…

It had been decades since I’d last gone to the circus, my memories of the Ringling Brothers still fresh in my mind. The sweet smell of cotton candy, the sound of two thousand excited people waiting for the show to start and the drumroll as it all began. The setting was decidedly different from previous experience. The backdrop, Daylesford Organic Farm in the Cotswolds, rolling green hills, fresh air and of course a herd of cows lazily chewing on grass. As I made my way from the car park to the grassy field where the tent peaked out above the hedge row, the excited giggles of children caught my attention. As soon as I entered the campground I could tell this was a different experience than other circuses.

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Interview | Emilie Van Camp

If you ever need proof that you can turn your creative dreams into a viable business, then artist Emilie Van Camp is it. She started experimenting with watercolour painting in early 2017 and launched her online shop, IyaGallery, less than a year later. Today, her beautifully minimalist, abstract work has fans all over the world and regularly appears in stylish homes on blogs and Instagram. Abi Dare caught up with her to find out more about her journey, the highs and lows along the way, and where she finds her inspiration.

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Interview | Clem Balfour of the Yoga Brunch Club

I am really fortunate to work with so many wonderful cooks and chefs. I first started the Yoga Brunch Club over four years ago now and have been lucky to have some incredible collaborations, such as Liberty London, The Guardian,Wilderness Festival and The Soil Association.
I run the events once a month in London and Bristol and have recently started introducing Yoga Supper Club’s this summer. My next collaboration is with Dela in Easton on Sunday 15th July which will be a Yoga Supper Club, with seasonal cocktails and a three-course dinner.
I am going to be at Wilderness Festival this summer with a few others in the pipeline too.. – Clem Balfour

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Interview | Ren London

In the heat of the summer, there is nothing better than wearing soft breathable linen.  Particularly if it’s cut into cool garments, that have an ethereal yet edgy quality.  Enter Ren London.  Ren is a London based company which their first hand printed linen range in 2015. They later went on to develop a womens wear range that embodies ease, simplicity, and wearability. All of the products are made mindfully in the UK exclusively using natural fibre fabrics.

Lou caught up with founder Ren Valuzyte, to ask her about the beginnings of the brand, the story of her grandmother and her latest shoot in Marrakesh.

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Interview | Anna Jones

I believe that if you do what you do with passion and dedication to the best of your ability and believe anything is possible you don’t have to do a hard sell.
I have believed in gentleness and led my work with the joy of food and my love for cooking and everything else has fallen into place. I consider myself very lucky to have been able to do some of the things I have over the last 12 years working in food, it’s been down to a mixture of some very hard work and meeting some amazing people and keeping the truth of what I love at the core of everything I do. – Anna Jones.

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Interview | Moons and Junes

At UWC there was room for everyone independently of race, culture and sexuality. To sum it up in the most clichéd way possible I learned to appreciate beauty of diversity and the importance of representation. I made it my mission to advocate that realism is beautiful.

Underwear became a symbol of this mission. In collaboration with a very talented designer we hosted focus groups and a ton of fittings, to learn exactly what boobs and buts look and feel like. We quickly found that when underwear just sit comfortably around your features, you lost the feeling that your bra distorts your look, you know? No pushing, pulling, tightening or tugging – that was extremely empowering.

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Interview | Worm London

Dried flowers are making a comeback which is wonderful because first of all it means that we are recycling flowers more and adding to the sustainability of the industry but also because it becomes inexpensive for people to make projects themselves with flowers that they have dried out. It also means no water or floral foam which is also making your carbon footprint a considered one. We also love the foraged section. We are really into foraging, we love seasonality and what the local environment has to offer. We like that you can have a little walk along a canal or in the countryside and pick up a few things that nature has scattered and make something at the end of the day that will remind you of that time in nature.