Sisters Hoods | Folkestone with Clementine May

I moved to the seaside town of Folkestone about four years ago, ever since I have fallen in love with this little corner of the East Kent coastline. Folkestone is a small coastal town with the English channel to one side and the North Downs to the other. It is currently going through a phase of regeneration; becoming a hub for Artists, mostly due to the local philanthropist Roger de Haan who initiated the Folkestone Triennial and the regeneration of the Creative Quarter in 2008. Thanks to the legacy of the Triennial the town is peppered with commissions by contemporary Artists such as Tracey Emin, Mark Wallinger and Cornelia Parker (you can download a map of Folkestone Artworks here).

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  • Interview | Anna Jones

    I believe that if you do what you do with passion and dedication to the best of your ability and believe anything is possible you don’t have to do a hard sell.
    I have believed in gentleness and led my work with the joy of food and my love for cooking and everything else has fallen into place. I consider myself very lucky to have been able to do some of the things I have over the last 12 years working in food, it’s been down to a mixture of some very hard work and meeting some amazing people and keeping the truth of what I love at the core of everything I do. – Anna Jones.

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  • Career | Follow your dreams

    My career is still a journey; I’m still learning, my work is evolving and I still occasionally struggle to find well-paid writing work. But I’m passionate about what I do, I enjoy every aspect of both my salaried job and my freelance work, and I have the freedom to manage myself. I stuck up two fingers at an industry that treats its employees like they don’t matter, and at the idea that we all have to work nine-to-five for the rest of our lives.

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  • Retreat | La Cannonerie, France

    A few weeks ago, team Sisterhood headed to central France, to do a little recce ahead of our retreat in September. In my head we were going to check out the facilities (which we did), source some great day trips for the guests and come away with a clear plan.
    We did all that.  But what I hadn’t expected was to fall in love with this enchanting place.

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  • Career | How To Feel Good About Marketing Yourself

    Most of us as creative women hate the idea of marketing and selling ourselves. There are all sorts of factors at play here: lack of confidence, not wanting to take up space, the general grossness that we feel around selling and marketing. It’s that last one that I really want to dig into, because it really flows through everything else. We have this idea of what marketing and selling “should” be because we see the “successful” people touting their six figure launches and lead nurture funnels and it doesn’t feel like us – cue a total break down of confidence and a lack of belief that you have what it takes to run a business.

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  • Beauty | Vitamin C

    Vitamin C is one of the most important steps in my own skincare regime. This powerful antioxidant fights against pigmentation (dark sun spots), free radicals and can reduce acne scarring and melasma. Just a few drops daily before moisturising, this truly heroic ingredient works wonders. We should all be using it. 

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  • Recipe | Claire Thomson’s Asparagus, Egg, Dill & Caper Toasts

    Asparagus is one of the most sought after seasonal crops.  There is nothing like local asparagus, freshly cut and cooked simply.  The true taste of Spring.

    Sisterhood cook, Claire Thomson, has bought out the delicious delicate flavours of this wonderful vegetable with her Asparagus, egg, dill and caper toast recipe.  Perfect as a starter for a spring feast or simply a lunch for one to sit in the garden and marvel at your blooms.

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  • Interview | Moons and Junes

    At UWC there was room for everyone independently of race, culture and sexuality. To sum it up in the most clichéd way possible I learned to appreciate beauty of diversity and the importance of representation. I made it my mission to advocate that realism is beautiful.

    Underwear became a symbol of this mission. In collaboration with a very talented designer we hosted focus groups and a ton of fittings, to learn exactly what boobs and buts look and feel like. We quickly found that when underwear just sit comfortably around your features, you lost the feeling that your bra distorts your look, you know? No pushing, pulling, tightening or tugging – that was extremely empowering.

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