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May 16,2018|

Long hard winters can ravage skin complexions. Central heating, cold winds and lack of sunlight can make our skin look dull and grey.  But what can we do to help combat these?  And give skin a glowing boost.

Vitamin C is one of the most important steps in my own skincare regime. This powerful antioxidant fights against pigmentation (dark sun spots), free radicals and can reduce acne scarring and melasma. Just a few drops daily before moisturising, this truly heroic ingredient works wonders. We should all be using it.  Here are 3 I’ve used and love…

Lixir Vitamin C Paste – £32

Lixir launched in 2017 and is focused on cosmetic science and great ingredients, both natural and chemistry. L-Ascorbic Acid 10%, jasmine and mandarin which is warming on the skin.

Why use it?

This is a paste formula that you apply after cleansing. Feels like a gel/balm hybrid. You can leave this on for around 10 minutes and I find that when I take this off, my skin has a glow. This is a great pick-me-up in the morning if my skin is tired as I notice an immediate difference.

The Ordinary Vitamin C 30% Suspension in Silicone – £5.80

A Water –free formula, a pure form of l-ascorbic acid which remains stable due to absence of water.

Why use it?

Great for oily skin. Leaves a tingle on the skin. This formula is not rough, but you can feel a fine powder. No water means the vitamin C remains stable. This is very acidic – a really good option for the price.

Mad Hippie Vitamin C serum – £28

Why use it?

Brighten, tighten and smooth the skin with this uplifting vitamin C-packed serum. Crafted from chemical-free, antioxidant-rich ingredients, this Certified Vegan formula works to restore skin to a youthful, refreshing glow.

Remember to always use a sunscreen after using Vitamin C. You don’t want to damage your skin again, after all it is why we are using it in the first place.

I am not a beauty therapist, and by no means an expert. These are just serum’s I’ve used and have noticed a remarkable difference to my skins appearance.  It glows baby!

Lou Archell, a writer, photographer, stylist and the founder of Sisterhood Camp.

Lou is also a busy mum of two amazing boys and can be found over on her blog Littlegreenshed, where she shares her life, loves and inspiration. Lou is passionate about supporting and inspiring others whether through her workshops, writing, photography or lifestyle hacks.

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