Author: Lou Archell

Lou Archell, a writer, photographer, stylist and the founder of Sisterhood Camp. Lou is also a busy mum of two amazing boys and can be found over on her blog Littlegreenshed, where she shares her life, loves and inspiration. Lou is passionate about supporting and inspiring others whether through her workshops, writing, photography or lifestyle hacks.

Considered to be the country’s most influential farmer-florist, Floret founder Erin Benzakein has shaped floral design trends, redefined micro-farming and inspired thousands to grow, buy and design seasonal flowers.

Erin’s immensely popular blog, book, workshops, social media channels and speciality seed line have amassed fans from around the globe. Thousands of aspiring or established flower farmers and designers look to Erin to learn Floret’s secrets to growing gorgeous flowers on a small scale. Floret’s loyal fan base eagerly snaps up Erin’s recommendations and anxiously await the farm’s annual sale of speciality seeds and bulbs, uncommon dahlias, workshops and other garden supplies.


Kate Cronk is an illustrator and calligrapher based in Forest Hill, southeast London. After collecting stationery for a number of years, she founded her own studio Peggy & Kate in the summer of 2014, combining her love of colour, painting and nature.


Mid-Summer is here… the longest day of the year, a chance to revel in all the glorious abundance that full summer brings. We love to celebrate solstice with a special feast, with a table full to bursting with seasonal blooms and in ripe fruits and vegetables.

Fresh summer produce needs to be celebrated and put on centre stage, as does the froth and bounty of the garden at this time of year.


My account shows my life, loves and travels.  So expect images of adventures, flowers, gardens, my home and kids.

I don’t show EVERYTHING about my life, because quite frankly my life is pretty boring most of the time.  I show an EDITED VERSION of my life.  The good bits.  The wobbly, in the moment, funny stuff I do share on my stories – but never on my main feed.


I am really fortunate to work with so many wonderful cooks and chefs. I first started the Yoga Brunch Club over four years ago now and have been lucky to have some incredible collaborations, such as Liberty London, The Guardian,Wilderness Festival and The Soil Association.
I run the events once a month in London and Bristol and have recently started introducing Yoga Supper Club’s this summer. My next collaboration is with Dela in Easton on Sunday 15th July which will be a Yoga Supper Club, with seasonal cocktails and a three-course dinner.
I am going to be at Wilderness Festival this summer with a few others in the pipeline too.. – Clem Balfour


In the heat of the summer, there is nothing better than wearing soft breathable linen.  Particularly if it’s cut into cool garments, that have an ethereal yet edgy quality.  Enter Ren London.  Ren is a London based company which their first hand printed linen range in 2015. They later went on to develop a womens wear range that embodies ease, simplicity, and wearability. All of the products are made mindfully in the UK exclusively using natural fibre fabrics.

Lou caught up with founder Ren Valuzyte, to ask her about the beginnings of the brand, the story of her grandmother and her latest shoot in Marrakesh.

Jun 1


Hello and welcome to the very first online Sisterhood Camp!

We are so very excited to bring our ‘in real life’ retreats to the online world. It has been 6 months of hard work to get this little idea of making Sisterhood accessible to all, off the ground.

Our aim is to equip women with the skills to take their life to the next level with bespoke e-courses in career development, creativity and wellness. Juicy articles, and a private community forum in which women can connect, offer advice and learn from one another.


I believe that if you do what you do with passion and dedication to the best of your ability and believe anything is possible you don’t have to do a hard sell.
I have believed in gentleness and led my work with the joy of food and my love for cooking and everything else has fallen into place. I consider myself very lucky to have been able to do some of the things I have over the last 12 years working in food, it’s been down to a mixture of some very hard work and meeting some amazing people and keeping the truth of what I love at the core of everything I do. – Anna Jones.


A few weeks ago, team Sisterhood headed to central France, to do a little recce ahead of our retreat in September. In my head we were going to check out the facilities (which we did), source some great day trips for the guests and come away with a clear plan.
We did all that.  But what I hadn’t expected was to fall in love with this enchanting place.


Vitamin C is one of the most important steps in my own skincare regime. This powerful antioxidant fights against pigmentation (dark sun spots), free radicals and can reduce acne scarring and melasma. Just a few drops daily before moisturising, this truly heroic ingredient works wonders. We should all be using it.